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Desert Archaic

Years Entangled

Years Entangled

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A composition spanning years, woven into a warp of wool. Cascading raw silk, sari silk and wool form a nest for a small visitor of clay, offering a crystalline treasure in their mouth.  The raw silk fronds are the aggregation of years of dyeing and sewing. For years, as I dyed and sewed raw silk clothes I saved all of the usable scraps.  many of them have come to life anew in this rainbow garden.

The small clay being i formed with my 16 year old hands. A time when weaving had not yet set its fuzz onto my radars and clay was my crush. (Still is really) Creating this piece felt like time travel.

The weaving is mounted onto a piece of maplewood with copper tacks, the wood has a keyhole carved into it for easy hanging. This piece measures 14.5 inches wide (at the widest of the wooden frame) x 30 inches long.

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