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Truth or Consequences Contemporary

Stratigraphy Cowl Part 1

Stratigraphy Cowl Part 1

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This piece is a link in the chain of my Stratigraphy Project, constructed of handwoven fabric dyed with myriad natural dyes. See the color chart in photos. 

It was handwoven on both a warp and weft of naturally dyed merino wool in different weights, it measures 11 wide x 75 inches around. 

Stratigraphy is a deep dive into my physical and ancestral connections to this land. The project began in the summer of 2021 on a slow journey north through the Rocky Mountains to Montana, and back to New Mexico. During this summer we traveled in our 1978 Chinook/2001 tacoma mashup with a camper full of art supplies, dye-pots and Merino wool yarn ready to be dyed. As we traveled I harvested plants and fungi and began my dye exploration and documentation. I found that I was unable to dye as quickly as I could harvest (especially due to the fleeting temporal nature of mushrooms) and so I began to dry many of the dyestuff that I collected to dye with upon my return to New Mexico. In total I dyed with 139 different plants, fungi and one bug (cochineal) to bring Stratigraphy to life.


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