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Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander

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Dragon Fly escaping terra firma in a supped up lunar lander.

Lunar Lander
#3 July, 31st 2021
By Kyle Parker Cunningham

Artwork area is approximately 7.5×9.5.
Printed on 8×10 inch printmaking paper.
Matted in 11×14 inch Cresent Conservation Archival Matte.


PLEASE NOTE: All prints are archival MATTED but NOT FRAMED.
If you would like your print framed add this product to your cart too.

Prints are matted in archival quality mattes and are ready to be put into an 11×14 frame of your choice.  This allows me to keep the shipping prices low and use less packing materials and have less damage in transit.  11×14 frames are extremely common and available in hundreds of different options.  You might already have a frame you can reuse.

Learn more about framing including links to frames you can buy here.


Hand pulled on cotton rag paper.  Each print is created via the intaglio printmaking process. First, the lines of the image on a plate, then inking the plate, wiping the plate, positioning the plate on the press and laying a wet piece of cotton printmaking paper on top of the plate.  The press is then engaged, the big wheel turned and a simply astounding quantity of pressure pushes the wet paper into the lines on the plate where the ink still resides and the print is created.  Magic, since 1430.

Prints are hand colored with watercolor and gauche paint. This makes each print truly an original one off piece.


I print each print one at a time and number them sequentially.  Do to the nature of the printing process I am limited making about 30 prints total of each plate before the plate is unusable anymore and so each print is very much limited edition.


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