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Just Bee

Just Bee

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Just bee

A freeform fiber-knotted structure.  Adornment for generations.

Woven into the knot work structure of this wearable sculpture are a myriad of magical beads: all shades of Baltic amber, from whipped honey to deep auburn, Antique glass beads from the Fulani tribes in West Africa (pale orange), an ancient hand-hewn quartz bead from the Sahara, Indonesian glass beads(oranges & reds), water buffalo horn beads(red doughnuts) and a most special hand carved amber bee, tucked sweetly in the inner circle.

Encased within the hollow form of the necklace are quartz crystals that I found in the mountains of southern New Mexico.

At the back is a pull-tie closure which allows for a very secure closure and also insures that the necklace will not fall off, no matter how hard you dance. On the tie are Baltic amber beads, Tibetan yak bone skull mala, Desert Sands Jasper, glass pony beads and antique Fulani glass beads from Africa.

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