Collection: Home

Welcome to the inaugural show in this new space and our new identity: Truth or Consequences Contemporary. This is the fourth iteration of art space we've run in TorC over the proceeding dozen years. While previous spaces focused on a small cast of in house artists, this new venture examines various universal themes through art, performance, sound, words, film, and community.

This first year's theme is "Home"; starting this new endeavor in our 12th year in TorC really drives home the fact that this oasis is our home. The art on view herein explores aspects on the concept of home: from the dishes we eat off of to the urns we keep our ancestors in. This exhibition became a deeply personal and introspective meditation on our personal history while concurrently allow us to investigate the way we will present art in the future.

Home is something we all search for and if lucky, even if for brief moments, we are allowed to exist in the bliss of home for some time.