Autumn 2023

A New Name!

We did it, we changed the name of our shop from Desert Archaic to Truth or Consequences Contemporary. We also have a new domain to match this new name:!

This seemed necessary for two reasons. The first, personal, to mark different eras in our life. We kept referring to Desert Archaic as the form we had taken at our old space and all that entailed. It never seemed to be fitting of the new world we are creating.

The second reason is to align with the institution we are building now, spacious and airy, clean and simply painted white. We wanted a name to reflect this, something that just gets out of the way and allows the art to speak for itself. Truth or Consequences Contemporary does that perfectly - it describes exactly what we are doing and nothing else. It is up to the visitors to fill in the rest with their own experience. .

We are currently softly open most days until our grand opening party on December 7th, 2023! Come visit us at 312 Main St TorC, NM.

Until then please shop online here or get in touch!

a story (of many)

Jeannie and Kyle met towards the sunset of their college years in Bozeman, Montana. We set out together on a grand adventure which took us to India and all over the American West. We settled in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico as a place to build out studio and share it with the world.

Truth or Consequences Contemporary is the physical space we occupy in our minds. A refuge for the arts supporting a laboratory to answer the questions of "what is relevant as we move into this new world."

Truth or Consequences Contemporary is the continuation of an 12 year project in TorC NM. We have had 4 distinct iterations of this space so far: first with Olin West at Mud Mountain Studio and 100th Monkey Gallery, followed by Seba the hip hop party world art factory which then morphed into Desert Archaic, a creative vortex in the oasis. Truth or Consequences Contemporary is the culmination of everything we've learned over the past decade and two years and takes rural art to international levels.

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